Deposition Summary
Depositor: Janos Hajdu
Deposition date: 2011-02-02
Last modified: 2011-03-16
DOI: 10.11577/1096903
Publication Details
Title: Single mimivirus particles intercepted and imaged with an X-ray laser
Authors: M. Marvin Seibert, Tomas Ekeberg, Filipe R. N. C. Maia et al.
Journal: Nature
Year: 2011
DOI: 10.1038/nature09748
Experimental Conditions
Method: Single Particle X-ray Diffraction Imaging
Sample: Mimivirus
Wavelength: 1.033 nm
Lightsource: LCLS
Beamline: AMO
Data Files
Diffraction Pattern: cxidb-1.cxi (751.95 KB)
Auxiliary Files
Hawk configuration: mimi_a.conf (2.09 KB)
Zip package: (2.53 MB)
Alternative Formats
Diffraction Pattern: cxidb-1.h5 (Hawk HDF5 format) (648.65 KB)
Diffraction Pattern: cxidb-1.tiff (TIFF format) (1 MB)


These are the files used to reconstruct the images in the paper “Single Mimivirus particles intercepted and imaged with an X-ray laser”.

Besides the diffracted intensities, the Hawk configuration files used for the reconstructions are also provided.

The files from CXIDB ID 1 are the pattern and configuration files for the pattern showed in Figure 2a in the paper.