Deposition Summary
Depositor: Karol Nass
Contact: [email protected]
Deposition date: 2021-02-02
Last modified: 2021-08-26
DOI: 10.11577/1814882
Publication Details
Title: Pink-beam serial femtosecond crystallography for accurate structure factor determination at an X-ray free-electron laser
Authors: Karol Nass et al.
Journal: IUCrJ
Year: 2021
Experimental Conditions
Method: Serial Femtosecond Crystallography
Sample: Thaumatin
Wavelength: 2.07 Å (6.00 keV)
Lightsource: SwissFEL
Beamline: Alvra
Data Files
Raw Files: thaumatin6/
Raw Files: thaumatin8/
Raw Files: thaumatin10/
Auxiliary Files
Detector Geometry: JF16M-Alvra-pink.geom (8.28 KB)
CrystFEL stream: (2.17 GB)
CrystFEL stream: (7.76 GB)
CrystFEL stream: (31.46 GB)


Diffraction images with crystal hits from the large bandwidth (2.2 % BW) data set (thaumatin 6), and nominal SASE (0.17 % BW) data set (thaumatin 8 + thaumatin 10) with bad pixel masks, online indexing results and CrystFEL stream files from final processing.

Licensed under the CC0 Public Domain Dedication Waiver.

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