Depositing Data

To deposit a new dataset in CXIDB please send an email to [email protected] with the subject ‘CXIDB initial deposition’ and the following content (example from ID 59):

# Deposition Summary
- Depositor name:  Kartik Ayyer
- Depositor email: [email protected]

# Publication Details
- Title:  Macromolecular diffractive imaging using imperfect crystals
- Authors: Kartik Ayyer et al.
- Journal: Nature
- Year: 2016
- DOI: 10.1038/nature16949

# Experimental Conditions
- Method: Serial Femtosecond Crystallography
- Sample: Photosystem-II
- Wavelength: 1.31 Å (9.48 keV)
- Lightsource: LCLS
- Beamline: CXI

# Description
Please check the README file for more information about the dataset.

If you don’t know or cannot, at the time, disclose certain fields just leave them empty.

When you make the initial deposition you will receive an assigned CXIDB ID. Please refer to this ID in future communications (e.g. using the subject ‘CXIDB deposition ID 59’).

You will need to complete all fields before the entry is made available.

All deposited data and metadata are made available under the CC0 waiver to promote maximum reuse.

Transfering Data

To transfer the data to CXIDB you will first need to request an FTP account at NERSC:

  • You can do so by filling this form.
  • Please fill filipe as the NERSC Username and CXIDB deposition as the Upload Description.
  • You should immediately receive an email with instructions on how to upload the data.

After you have transfered all the data please let us know.

Please note that you will not be able to see the files that you upload, but rest assured, most likely they will be there.

Getting Help

If you have any difficulties throughout the procedure do not hesitate to contact us.