Hawk is a package for the analysis and phasing of diffraction patterns from single particle diffraction experiments.

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  • Citation: Maia, F.R.N.C., Ekeberg, T., van Der Spoel, D. & Hajdu, J. Hawk : the image reconstruction package for coherent X-ray diffractive imaging. Journal of Applied Crystallography 43, 1535-1539 (2010).
  • Operating system: Linux, Mac OS X, Microsoft Windows
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Cheetah is a multi-threaded image program for analysing cspad image data from the CXI instrument at LCLS.

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  • Authors: Anton Barty, CFEL, Matt Weaver, SLAC, Thomas White, CFEL, Garth Williams, SLAC, Jonas Sellberg, SLAC, Jan Feldkamp, SLAC.
  • Operating system: Linux


CrystFEL is a suite of programs for processing diffraction data acquired during Serial Femtosecond Crystallography experiments using X-ray free-electron lasers sources.


spsim is a program that simulates diffraction patterns of single molecules.

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