Deposition Summary
Depositor: Tomas Ekeberg
Contact: [email protected]
Deposition date: 2015-05-26
Last modified: 2016-07-28
DOI: 10.11577/1236752
Publication Details
Title: Three-Dimensional Reconstruction of the Giant Mimivirus Particle with an X-Ray Free-Electron Laser
Authors: Tomas Ekeberg et al.
Journal: Physical Review Letters
Year: 2015
DOI: 10.1103/PhysRevLett.114.098102
Experimental Conditions
Method: Single Particle X-ray Diffraction Imaging
Sample: Mimivirus
Wavelength: 1.03 nm
Lightsource: LCLS
Beamline: AMO
Data Files
Diffraction Pattern: cxidb-30.cxi (2.21 GB)
Auxiliary Files
Selected Patterns: selected_pattern_identifier.txt (3.72 KB)
Raw data: Raw_Files/ (16 KB)


This dataset contains the diffraction patterns that were used for the first three-dimensional reconstruction of a virus using FEL data.

The sample was the giant mimivirus particle, which is one of the largest known viruses with a diameter of 450 nm.

The dataset consists of the 198 diffraction patterns that were used in the analysis.

This dataset is part of the Scientific Data XFEL Biodata collection.

Licensed under the CC0 Public Domain Dedication Waiver.

Please give proper credit via citations according to established scientific practice.