Deposition Summary
Depositor: Ki Hyun Nam
Contact: [email protected]
Deposition date: 2018-11-20
Last modified: 2019-05-09
DOI: 10.11577/1511589
Associated PDB: 6IRJ , 6IRK
Publication Details
Title: Nylon mesh-based sample holder for fixed-target serial femtosecond crystallography
Authors: Donghyeon Lee et al.
Journal: Scientific Reports
Year: 2019
DOI: 10.1038/s41598-019-43485-z
Experimental Conditions
Method: Serial Femtosecond Crystallography
Sample: Lysozyme
Wavelength: 1.28 Å (9.700 keV)
Lightsource: PAL-XFEL
Beamline: NCI
Data Files
Raw Data: CXIDB_89-Lys_SFX-filter-r0001-c00.cxi (14.09 GB)
Raw Data: CXIDB_89-Lys_SFX-filter-r0002-c00.cxi (17.85 GB)
Raw Data: CXIDB_89-Lys_SFX-filter-r0003-c00.cxi (15.57 GB)
Raw Data: CXIDB_89-Lys_SFX-filter-r0004-c00.cxi (15.24 GB)
Raw Data: CXIDB_89-Lys_SFX-filter-r0005-c00.cxi (18.48 GB)
Raw Data: CXIDB_89-Lys_SFX-filter-r0006-c00.cxi (19.09 GB)
Raw Data: CXIDB_89-Lys_SFX-filter-r0007-c00.cxi (18.8 GB)
Raw Data: CXIDB_89-Lys_SFX-filter-r0008-c00.cxi (18.57 GB)
Raw Data: CXIDB_89-Lys_SFX-filter-r0009-c00.cxi (19.25 GB)
Raw Data: CXIDB_89-Lys_SFX-filter-r0010-c00.cxi (19.38 GB)
Raw Data: CXIDB_89-Lys_SFX-filter-r0011-c00.cxi (19.34 GB)
Raw Data: CXIDB_89-Lys_SFX-filter-r0012-c00.cxi (19.16 GB)
Raw Data: CXIDB_89-Lys_SFX-filter-r0013-c00.cxi (17.9 GB)
Raw Data: CXIDB_89-Lys_SFX-filter-r0014-c00.cxi (5.41 GB)

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